We all play an important part in protecting the quality of the final products produced from the organic material we collect which are used by agriculture, sporting fields, schools and home gardeners.

ONLY ACCEPTED ORGANICS should be placed in your organics bin. If it grows in your garden it can go in your organics bin – otherwise please leave it out.

Our Councils have a zero-tolerance policy for the placement of incorrect material in the organics bin.

If you have moved into a property and the organics bin already contains the wrong material, please do not put it out for collection.

Tenants should contact their real estate agent to organise emptying. Owners should contact Solo Customer Service.

Unaccepted materials (contamination) must be manually removed from the collected organics at Weston by ANL’s quality control staff before processing. If it can’t be removed, large amounts of accepted material must be rejected due to contamination and sent to landfill where it is wasted.

Contamination can pose a serious problem for the well-being of our staff, impact on the efficiency of the collection service and affect the quality of the final product – commercial grade organic compost.


The Solo trucks are equipped with cameras enabling the driver to monitor the contents of bins as they are emptied. A photographic record and address details are logged of any contamination and the bin is tagged with a sticker advising of the problem.


Identified properties may be sent a warning letter including a photo of what was detected in the bin with information to help use the service correctly.

While all effort is made to support correct usage, repeated or severe incidents leave us no option but to suspend collections until the resident has contacted the Solo Education Officer.