The organics we collect is processed by Australian Native Landscapes at Tea Gardens into a range of composts and soil conditioners.

Cessnock, Maitland and Singleton Councils give away free promotional bags* of compost at selected events, so residents can see the quality of the final product created from the collected organics. We also provide compost to schools, community groups and sports fields in our
local area.

ANL’s ‘Greenlife® Mulch & Compost‘ is the retail product made from your garden organics and available in bulk or bags from the ANL Retail Outlet at Styles St Weston. It’s an ideal soil conditioner or mulch, suitable for natives and exotics and perfect for enriching depleted soils or breaking up heavy clay soils.

Your organics are also used as feedstock for a range of ANL’s premium products used by home gardeners, landscapers, sporting fields, parks and farmers to encourage strong plant growth, return carbon to our soils, retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

How To Use

Apply to a maximum depth of 100mm and incorporate to a depth of 200mm. Where deeper profiles are being amended, ensure that the final blend contains a maximum of 50% by volume of soil to compost.

ANL’s 6 month composting process, ensures an end product of high quality with AS4454-2012 certification. It’s a natural way of completing the cycle from garden organics bin to garden bed!

Community and not for profit groups in the Cessnock, Maitland and Singleton local government areas are invited to apply for FREE compost to support garden projects. Contact our Education Officer for more information.

*The ‘Garden Organics’ promotional bags of compost are not available for purchase.