Collection Issues

There are several reasons why your organics bin may not have been emptied. Please check the list below before contacting us.

The Solo trucks record the time and address of bins as they’re emptied. Details of bins that were unable to be serviced because they were too heavy, overfull, contaminated or not out on the kerbside for collection when the truck attempted service are also recorded.

If your bin exceeds 80kg, then it may not be able to be serviced. If your bin is tagged too heavy, contact Solo Customer Service as soon as possible to organise recollection. Additional organics bins are available by contacting your local Council.

Branches, sticks and stumps are restricted to 30cm long and 10cm diameter. Oversized branches and stumps can become jammed and damage the collection vehicles. Remove the oversized material and contact Solo Customer Service as soon as possible to organise recollection.  

Large logs and stumps can be disposed off at your local waste management facility (fees apply).

Wet grass or clippings that have sat for some time can become compacted in your bin and may not fully empty when it is serviced. 

If you bin has not fully emptied during collection, loosen the contents so it moves freely and then contact Solo Customer Service as soon as possible to see if you are eligible for a reservice.

Tips; Putting your bin out regularly, placing sticks at the bottom if possible and leaving the lid ajar to reduce moisture build up can help avoid the problem.

An additional organics bin is available for larger gardens by contacting your local Council. (Charges apply)


Organics bins identified as containing material we do not accept, will not be emptied. It is the resident’s responsibility to remove the problem before the bin can be serviced. 

Households with severe or repeated incidents of contamination will have their collections suspended until an agreement is made to use the service correctly. 

Only organics bins that have been issued through this Contract and displaying the Cessnock, Maitland and Singleton Council logos will be serviced by the organics truck. Drivers are instructed not to service other bins. Contact Solo Customer Service to see if you are eligible for replacement. 

If your bin has been missed contact Solo Customer Service as soon as possible to organise collection.  

Bins should be placed so they are clear of obstructions before 5.00am on the day of collection.  

Please note the collection trucks have tracking that records bins that were not presented when the truck passed your address and we do not return for bins that were not out.