Does your community group need some help with a garden project?

Are you in the Cessnock, Maitland or Singleton council areas?

Your Garden Organics Garden Blitz 2018 could be the answer!

Community groups, schools and preschools are invited to apply for a

FREE ONE DAY GARDEN BLITZ – compliments of Your Garden Organics

It’s easy! Briefly tell us a about your project, be it vegie garden, bush tucker or native garden to support local fauna, outdoor meeting area, landscaping around a new structure or just revitalise a neglected area. Complete the application form and you’re in the running! One site will be selected from each council area.

Applications close 20th July 2018 and the successful candidates will be announced 10th August 2018 – so start now and get in quick!

 How to Apply

It’s easy. Complete the online application form  telling us why your garden needs our help. Be sure to include 3-5 photos of your proposed site from different angles and any drawings or plans you may have (short video applications will also be accepted) .

Alternately, you can download the form and email your application to or lodge it in person at Cessnock, Maitland or Singleton Council clearly labelled Garden Organics Garden Blitz.

How Does it Work?

The Garden Organics team will come to your site and supply the landscape design, labour for a day, plants and ANL’s premium organic soil conditioner, compost and mulch made from the garden organics collected through Your Garden Organics kerbside collections.

The ANL products used are processed for a minimum 6 months so there’s no worry about weeds, seeds or chemicals. Developed for use by home gardeners and farmers, they’re just the thing to enrich sandy or clay soils that turns garden ‘waste’ to garden goodness and provides an awesome growing medium. Together we’re completing the cycle from your garden organics bin to garden bed. That’s a good news story for everyone!

 Selection Criteria;

  • Located in the Cessnock, Maitland or Singleton Council areas
  • Benefit to the community – Tell us why you need help to complete your project, what difference it will make to your setting and how it will be used.
  • Long term viability – Outline how the project will be maintained into the future.
  • Achievable Outcomes – We all have big dreams – keep it simple – we only have 1 day!
  • Promotion – The successful applicants will be highlighted in a video for use in council promotions.
  • We’ll even bring the local Mayor in for a launch event.
  • Availability and Access – The Garden Blitz will be delivered between September and November 2018.

 More Information

The Garden Organics Garden Blitz program is designed to promote the community benefits of the introduction of Your Garden Organics service by Cessnock, Maitland and Singleton Councils.

Three (3) projects will be short listed from each LGA from the applications received for a follow up site visit to discuss your project in more detail before making final selections.

There will be one (1) project delivered in each council area (Cessnock, Maitland, Singleton)

Our landscape designer will work with each successful applicant to design your garden. The Garden Blitz team will then come to your site and provide the labour of 2 people for a day, soil and plants, garden bed construction, seating and simple paving up to the value of $4000 per site. (The project will not include the construction of buildings such as sheds, gazebos pergolas or decks). You could also provide volunteer labour to help on the day.

Keep your application simple and your project achievable – (it must be completed in an 8 hour day)!

Be sure to provide 3-5 photos of your site from different angles. You may like to send us a short video to support your application.

Sites must be accessible and completed between September – November 2018.

Before and after photos and a short video will be produced for promotional use by council. To top it off a media launch, attended by the local mayor for unveiling of the Garden Organics Garden Blitz signage will be conducted at your site (funded by the project).

Applications close 20th July 2018 and the successful candidates will be announced 10th August 2018.

Full terms and conditions

If you have any questions about the project or your application please call Leanne Sanderson – Garden Organics Education Officer on 0432 903 731 or send an email to