Growing with Garden Organics Project

Maitland Council’s Garden Organics Service is currently conducting case studies with 2 locally based production farmers in the ‘Growing with Garden Organics’ (GWGO) project which commenced in August 2019.

The successful applicants will receive compost / soil conditioner for selected blocks over several crop rotations for the case studies which will provide quantifiable benefits and savings applicable to farmers in our local area and be available for public distribution.

The GWGO Project is funded by the Garden Organics Service in partnership with ANL to demonstrate the environmental and social benefits of the service, the quality and, range of uses of the composts and other products made from the material collected in your garden organic bins.

ANL process the contents of the organics bins for a minimum of 6 months to Australian Standards. This lengthy composting process ensures weed seeds are destroyed and the end products are of the highest quality. Their tailored application has been shown to provide a natural improvement to soil health that promotes increased plant growth, enhances crop yields, retains soil moisture and reduces the need for fertilizer across a range of crop types.

Stay tuned for updates.